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Re: The Great Saturn Return

Different for different people.

My first Saturn return (and more specifically the time just prior to it -- 1-1/2 to 2 years, or the "12th house" phase of the Saturn cycle) affected most areas of life. Look to Saturn aspects as he approaches the return.

Saturn rules my 7th...Divorce and all the goodies that go with that. Whatever Saturn is determined toward in the natal chart will be most directly affected -- house occupied, houses ruled, aspects, lord of other words, possible widespread devastation and breakdown of structures in the life.

Saturn in my natal chart is heavily afflicted, so the effects were heavy. You must judge the natal chart before any assessment of the return.

By the time the actual return occurs most of the smoke has cleared and the second Saturn cycle is taking shape.

Set a chart for the time of your return and check what all the other planets are doing (especially the ponderous bodies)...this shows the Beginning of the new cycle.

The second return was also life-changing, but mild.

Now Saturn opposes his own place for the third time.
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