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Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026

Thanks for your informed input poyi,Therese i think if you have an interest in Fukushima then you should find out the time that the major earthquakes happened,Landfall of the Tsunami's maybe,More importantly when the Tsunami's hit the reactors and any other areas of interest and the Tsunami impact times on them.Then maybe the times that each one of the four reactors exploded,Also the times of any major incidents and important announcements.
I could go on,But i'm sure you get my drift for Mundane timing of the important incidents.Chances are you can find a lot of them easily on a Google search.
There are so many interpretation methods and i don't intend to tell you which ones to use,All i can suggest is that you use the method/s that you have already found work for you,And maybe dabble in other ones that you find interesting.Otherwise don't be afraid to carry on asking for advice off this site.
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