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Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026

Apparently Neptune sextile Pluto this transit is described as the pattern of Hope.

"Return to Harmony: 2026 Hope for a New Age

So the fact that Neptune and Pluto, although presently separate, will reunite again, albeit 2026, is a sign of Hope for the future. With their exact alliance we can project the cooperation of science and religion, the melding of the emotional and the physical, and the global fusion of cultures and belief systems. However, rather than be reactive, its imperative that we begin working now towards world peace, human rights and a green world inspired, motivated and energized by the coming harmonious relation between Neptune and Pluto."

I try to relate this to my natal chart. Uranus in Gemini will be in Gemini without the 9th house of my natal house. Neptune Rx in 7th house, Pluto Rx in 5th house. The sextile Neptune Rx and Pluto Rx formed The Finger of God toward the Venus in Virgo in 12th house. I think the Finger of God will form better orb Yod before the 15th July 2026.
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