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Re: Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026

Hi Therese

Aspects like that don't happen very frequently,Especially between the 3 outer planets as it takes hundreds of years for them to recycle the zodiac,But the significance is much more important.It has to be applied to something.And as your in the mundane section of this site it needs to be applied to a world event like a news event or the chart for a country.Otherwise there is no great importance to the aspects.If you want to see something more impressive look at the chart for Monday the 29th of July,There is a star of David which doesn't happen very often,Maybe once every 10 years,But again it needs to be applied to something otherwise individuals with planets at 4 to 10 in the earth and water signs are likely to have beneficial effects from this,and on the mundane side states,countries,governments,organisations,compani es etc are also going to benefit if they have positive natal planets at 4 to 10 earth/water.
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