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Neptune-Uranus-Pluto 2026


I'm just curious what you think of this. Don't ask me why, yesterday I picked the year 2026, it just came like that, and I tried to see how this day would look like. I noticed that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were up to something, so I started to play with the date until their orbs became exact. That's 15 July 2026, on the 16th, the sextile between Uranus and Neptune is already separating.

It just looks curious, Neptune retrograde in aries in exact sextile both with Uranus in gemini (conjunct with Mars) and with Pluto retrograde in aquarius, and, at the same time, Uranus and Pluto in exact trine with each other. Jupiter is also close to exact aspects with all three planets, sextile with Uranus, trine with Neptune and opposite Pluto.

Do things like that happen frequently?
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