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Re: Mars in Cancer in House X - Confused

Hi. Yes Leo and Pluto are both energies which can manifest as pride. There is a need to balance the sense of specialness (Leo) with a sense of being a puppet of the forces of fate (Pluto). Otherwise Leo may try to seize control of these forces and then others could be seen as the puppets of one's will. Thus Leo/Pluto needs to have a sense of yielding to a greater power - a sense of humility along side the essentially healthy sense of inner power.

Transiting Saturn will conjunct natal Jupiter and trine natal Saturn soon, which may help with any imbalance. And then in year or so when it reaches the natal Sun Pluto square then any imbalance will probably be highlighted quite strongly in one way or another.

In the mean time you could consider what fears cause you to sometimes express what you call a condescending approach. Perhaps the fear of insignificance or annihilation. Making peace with any such fears will probably help with your problem. And then your Libra/Venus first house will feel more comfortable because you will be able to more easily fulfill your need to approach the world with social awareness.
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