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Re: Mars in Cancer in House X - Confused

Hi Yann. Its a very powerful Mars, as Wilson says. Its on the MC, square the Asc and semisquare the Asc/MC midpoint. But there may be some effort needed to express and fulfill it because you have Libra rising (ruled by Venus in Libra in the first house) and also Moon in Aquarius. So you are predisposed to behave (Moon and Ascendant) in an impartial and ethical manner. But Mars in Cancer is motivated by instinct and personal values, so there is tension here and a need to find ways to channel that Mars energy in a way that doesn't upset the airy Moon and Ascendant.

Sun in Leo is more dramatic, especially when square Pluto, so the Sun and Mars together may feel like a handful sometimes. Or it could be that you're OK with your passionate side, but feel like you have to fight your way through the ethics and notions of others when you're trying to just get on with something.

All in all its a nice balance between passion and social/ethical awareness, as long as you can embrace both sides of your nature. Meanwhile Mercury in Virgo in the 12th (and also Saturn in Pisces in the 6th) will be trying to remind you of what you need to do to stay properly synchronised with the world around you, in a way which enables you to meet your emotional and physical needs.
Thank you very much, really enjoyed the aswer, and yes, like i said before, sometimes i'm too condescending, and i don't like it , because there is something inside me that is really proud... And i have this thinking of reconcile health of body and mind hehe. Thanks again.
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