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Originally Posted by Twinmoonaries View Post
Thank you so much for your answer.
i read it myself and i came to the same conclusion but i wanted to be sure since i am very new to horary. do you know if anything can change? let's say.. if the blockage is gone? can i ask a question again?

thank you so much.
You are welcome.
Horary typically does not answer “ever,” open-ended questions like yours. Horary asked that questions be for a particular time frame, like soon, or “this month” or week or day. You get the idea.
So this chart does not say no forever. But it does look to me that it will be quite a while, since Venus has to change sign twice! before trining Mars and there are multiple blockages.
So I would say that yes, you can ask again, but not soon. More like in six months or a year... and in the meantime you must go on living your life to the fullest, because prospects are not very encouraging.
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