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Re: Misdemeanors Punishment

Yes, but you guys need to know the back story. This is an astrological post. I have written the opening post twice already and it keeps on disappearing. So I have to do it in segments. I'm building up to my question.

My boyfriend has been charged with two counts of trespassing. The trial will be in Manhattan, New York City, on February 11th.

Here is what happened. On January 19th, shortly after 10 PM, he left my apartment to drown his post football sorrows in a local neighborhood bar. I had no idea he was gone because I was sound asleep. I go to bed early due to my job schedule.

He is bipolar, and he was not aware that one cannot consume alcohol while on medication. Also he is a pothead. To top it off, there may have been trace amounts of 'shrooms because he micro-dosed a few days beforehand. All together he had a cocktail of four substances in his system.

My apartment complex is changing from one facial recognition security system to another. IMO it should have been completed a while ago. Anybody can walk into the buildings.

Allegedly he entered one of the buildings, tried to door handles of several private apartments, "lucked out" and found and unlocked apartment, entered the apartment, and then got chased out. He then repeated this and entered a second private apartment. He has absolutely no memory of this. We do not know which building he entered. I assume it wasn't mine, but I don't know for sure.

Trespassing is a Class A Misdemeanor. The maximum punishment he could receive is a total fine of $2,0000 ($1,000 per charge) and jail time of up to 365 days.
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