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Re: Misdemeanors Punishment

Originally Posted by Star Searcher View Post
Wait--what happened to my initial post?
Originally Posted by Star Searcher View Post
I'm annoyed that my initial post disappeared. Because of this, I don't feel like writing now. I'll just post a few facts, and then add more in another post.

My boyfriend has been charged with two counts of trespassing. Details later. I'm annnoyed now.
Originally Posted by Star Searcher View Post
Can we merge both Misdemeanors Punishment threads together? Also how do I add a new post to my same thread? I'm not replying to my own thread.
Star Searcher,

You started two separate threads with the same title. That's why you were confused. That's also why we have a rule against duplicate posts and duplicate threads. Only make ONE thread per topic, and only make ONE of each post.

If you want a moderator's attention to something you've posted, please flag it using the ! icon in the upper right corner. We're not guaranteed to see it otherwise. This is a very big forum, we have a very small team, and we can't have our eyes everywhere. Someone else flagged one of your threads, which is how I know about it.

I've merged your threads. I also moved this to Chat because you didn't say anything about astrology. If you're starting an astrological topic, you need to include astrology from the first post. If you're not doing that, then you may not put the topic on an astrology board.

Private messages welcome if they're moderation-related matters or personal messages for me, but please do not send me astrological questions or chart reading requests. I only answer those on the forum, in my practice, and on my blog at, a separate site from this one.

Not receiving an answer to your natal chart-based question? You are welcome to submit it to the Ask the Astrologer feature on my blog, provided that it follows the feature's ground rules.
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