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Re: This is driving me crazy! Will he ask for my number?

Originally Posted by LovelyMissAries View Post
Thank you! Yes, ironically I obtained his number yesterday through a group text message our superior sent. The timing was ironic because I posted this and then got the message, and they typically would just send out an email. He isn't aware I saved it but as you said I'd get his first and I did.
Horary is horrifying. I didn't expect it to happen as literally as that. Wow. I'm glad you got your answer though!

Originally Posted by LovelyMissAries View Post
Where is it that you see nothing romantic going on? His behavior is flirty but I'm beginning to admit it won't go farther than work. I guess I'm wondering if it shows why in the chart.
Well that was mostly based off of the fact that your significator and his don't make direct contact and his significator is a malefic in the 6th of labor. The significators just aren't fortunate enough to show any sustainable romance.
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