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Re: Sade Sati Questions

Originally Posted by RishiRahul View Post

The internet is filled with huge scares of Sade Sati, Manglik Dosha, and a few other things.

Internet sites need to attract attention, while there is a business side to it too.
It gives an extreme onesided view.

You sade sati begins End Jan 2020 (this year).
You are Kumbha rasi in Vedic astrology with a Capricorn Sun Sign.

You are a very sensitive individual; will notice that you attract a lot of responsibility in life; is viewed as secretive; argumentative or aggressed.

Your circumstances underwent changes at age 28 (early 2016 onwards), after which you began turning responsible from being of an idealistic mindset.
Also note that you ran Jupiter Mahadasa and Ketu antardasa at that time.....

Your Ketu in third house in Arudha Lagna makes you intrinsically an innovative thinker to look deeper the more you go in life.
Your Sadesati will refine your internal self over the next few years.

How have your life been 2007 onwards, in terms of expectation and material progress?

Thank you RishiRahul for your reply! I am new to Vedic astrology so a lot of your terminology I do not quite understand yet, for example, where you say, "Also note that you ran Jupiter Mahadasa and Ketu antardasa at that time....." I am not sure what that means.

Also, I thought that in Vedic astrology I am a Sagittarius sun? I know in western astrology I am a Capricorn, but all the Vedic charts say Sagittarius.

In terms of my life from 2007 onward, I started University in 2006 and graduated in 2010, then I started working but not for anything I was particularly interested in, but just needed to find a job. I got married in 2017 to the love of my life so that was great, my husband I started our own business at the beginning of 2018 and then we had our first child in October 2018 so that has been wonderful too, very stressful, but also very productive. I do realize that the stuff on the internet is meant to scare you, so what are some positive aspects that I can look towards once Sade Sati starts?
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