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Re: Free will in astrology

Originally Posted by clip11 View Post
I read something that said that if you have the majority of planets in the southern and eastern hemisphere of your chart, you have more freedom of will whereas if you have the majority of planets in the northern and western part of your chart, you have less freedom of will and more is decided on fate. How true is this?
I don't know where that comes from, but I'm very skeptical.

Putting astrology aside, I struggle with the idea of uninhibited free will. The vast majority of the things in our lives are conditioned by things that our beyond our control, and even things that appear to be within our control (preferences, opinions, predispositions) are heavily conditioned by external factors like our upbringing, life experiences, and chance encounters.

For astrologers it's even worse because for astrology to work at all requires at least some mild degree of determinism. If not the whole predictive endeavor would be worthless.

I'm not a complete determinist, but find idea of free will to be very unclear and very difficult to observe in the real world.
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