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Re: Angular Mars - How does it work?

Originally Posted by ardentika View Post
So what is angular mars? Does it represent where we need to be brave and put on our big girl/boy pants and stand up for ourselves and the things we believe in? I've read in some old traditional and sidereal astrology that with Mars we suffer a lot of losses and separations. I don't see that here. I see only success and achievements.

What do you think?
Hi ardentika,

I think your problem is not knowing the signs.

When you learn the signs, and learn them correctly, you'll know which signs oppose each other, which signs square each other, trine each other and sextile each other.

After you correctly learn the signs, then you can struggle with the concept of "Day" and "Night."

Each body is a Jekyll & Hyde. Diurnal Mars is not even the same thing as Nocturnal Mars. Those are two totally different interpretations.

Beyonce: Fail. Leo Mars is H11 of public honors and not in H10. Even if Mars would be in H10, he would not attack H4 or H7 and Jupiter is sitting in the Ascendant about to be squared by Mars.

Elvis Presley: Fail. Mars is in Libra H11 of public honors just like Bouncie or whatever her name is.

Eminem: Another fail. Mars is in Libra H11 of public honors, just like Elvis and Bouncey.

Kanye West: Another fail. Mars is in Taurus H11 of public honors, just Elvis, Bouncy and M&M.

Are you starting to see a pattern there?

It's like really, really obvious.

Selena Gomez: Finally, a chart where Mars really is H10. Note Fortuna in H10 and Mercury ruling H11 public honors with Venus in the Ascendant. That pretty much tells the story. See benefic Venus in H1 and Jupiter in H2 opposing Pisces H8.

Mozart: Assuming the birth-time is correct, another fail. Mars is Cancer H11 of public honors. This is a nocturnal chart and Mars is in a feminine house and sign as he should be.

Shakira: Mars is exalted in H10 here. See Sun in Aquarius H11 and benefic Venus in the Aries Ascendant.

Celin Dion: Wow, another with Mars actually in H10. Her success is mostly Aries Sun H9 trine Leo Ascendant. Don't forget she had to travel around the world to get noticed.

Robbie Williams: His birth-time is disputed by as much as 2 hours, but it wouldn't change the signs. He as a Scorpio H4 waning Moon opposing Taurus H10 Mars (which is good because waxing Moon is malefic and waning Moon is benefic).

So, 8 charts and you only got the placement of Mars right half the time.

Mars in H11, with few exceptions, is very, very good, as you can see, since 4 of the 8 charts had H11 Mars.

H10 Mars indicates success, but not without difficulties. Nobody handed Celine Dion a recording contract. Her and her husband had to mortgage their home to make her first album. Selena had problems with her agent, her manage, her band, her recording company, but it all worked out in the end.

Barack Obama: Another fail. If Ascendant is Aquarius then Virgo Mars is H8, not H7.

Albert Einsten: Exalted Capricorn Mars in his own term in H7. If you're wondering why he didn't die a violent death and lived a long life, then look at the Cancer Ascendant and find Jupiter. Yes, Jupiter is sitting in H8 (Cancer is Jupiter's sign of exaltation).

Adolf Hitler: Another fail. If Ascendant is Libra then Taurus Mars is H8.

Lady Gaga: Mars is in Capricorn which is H8, not H7.

Tom Cruise: Scorpio Ascendant, so Mars really is in H7, yet he will not die a violent death. If you read Dorotheus, Maternus, Paulus and others, a body will not attack its own sign from the square or opposition. H1 is the house of life and Mars in H7 being in opposition to H1 is attacking it, except when H1 is Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn. There are other saving graces, Fortuna in H1, Jupiter in any sign aspect to Mars, or Jupiter in H8 with his signs (Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces) on H1. Diurnal/Nocturnal Waning Moon in H1 in any aspect with Jupiter is another.

Natalie Portman: Gemini Mars is H8.

Justin Timberlake: Here's one. Libra Jupiter looking at Aquarius Mars. Aquarius Sun rules Leo Ascendant.

Whitney Huston: Libra Mars is H8.

Isaac Newton and Charlie Chaplin: H7 Taurus Mars will not attack Scorpio H1.

Stephen Hawking: Gemini Jupiter sextiles Aries Mars.

Bill Gates: Maternus and others note that Mars and Mercury together produce criminals of various types. The house/sign they're in and the houses/signs they rule tell the story. Gates might not have been a Ted Bundy, but he was a criminal just the same. He violated numerous state and federal laws for which Microsoft was sued by states and the US government and many foreign governments. Gates violated anti-trust laws and was sued. Reneged on contracts enagiging in fraud (which is why MSDOS never worked right because he stole QDOS and couldn't figure out how QDOS worked). He used immoral and unethical business practices to strong-arm a company and steal Windows from them. Gates violated and was sued several times for patent infringement and copyright infringement. He couldn't figure out how to get the video program to work so he stole 1,000s of lines of code from Apple's video player and used it. He was sued for anti-competitive practices. You see Mercury with Mars in H4. Gate's crimes didn't necessarily carry jail time, but he violated laws nonetheless. He is not a very nice man. So what he gives money to charities. Well, what he didn't steal he cheated to get.

Prince: H1 is Scorpio. Mars in Aries. That makes Mars H6, not H4.

Jim Morrison: Gemini Mars trines the Aquarius Ascendant. That makes Mars H5, not H4.

Will Smith: This chart is nocturnal with Mars in a feminine sign and house. That's the best case scenario for H4 Mars.

Ted Bundy (serial killer): Sagittarius Mars trines the Leo H1. That also makes Mars H5, not H4.

Walt Disney: Capricorn Mars trines Virgo H1 making Mars H5, not H4.

Johnny Depp: Ascendant is Leo. Mars is in Virgo. That makes Mars H2, not H1.

Brad Bitt: Capricorn Mars is H2, not Sagittarius H1.

Megan Fox: Exalted H1 Capricorn Mars moving to trine H5 Sun. I'm not seeing a problem there.

Grace Kelly: Scorpio Mars under Sun's rays. Not really seeing a problem there, either.

Mariah Carey: Taurus Ascendant. Sagittarius Mars is H8.

Bill Clinton: Libra H1 Mars with Venus and Jupiter. H11 Leo Sun. H8 Taurus Moon rules H10. So, what's the problem? H1 Mars typically indicates powerful people.

Ellen DeGeneres: Okay, H1 Sagittarius Mars. With Saturn. I'm not seeing a problem there, either.

So, study the signs so you're not so confused. Then study the signs to learn what they mean: fire, water, air, earth, cardinal, fixed, mutable, animal, human, voiceless, singing, fruitful, barren, dual, feral, etc, etc.

Then learn the difference between day and night, so you can learn how the bodies act differently in the day and at night.
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