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Originally Posted by CrankyCap View Post
Investing in particular seems a good option for students like myself who need some passive income but don't currently have time for a full-time job. Having Neptune transit my 8th house however... I fear how that would affect my judgement. I know it's just astrology, not life-defining-carved-in-stone-realities that "just will happen to you", but still, it doesn't increase my confidence in starting to help myself. This transit is gonna be a long one.

Any tips surviving this transit without ending up broke and financially dependent of someone else? How could I benefit or profit from this transit? Independent living needs to be sustained somehow.
Neptune in the 8th is not automatically a bad omen for finances. What is shows, to me, is an emphasis/involvement in collective (and somewhat undefined/fluid) resources, where investment products in shared markets can be a good example. Depending on the natal placement of Neptune, aspects the transit makes, and so on, you may have a more intuitive sense of how to navigate markets and those nebulous financial instruments during this transit.

I have Neptune in 8th in Capricorn natally (should be noted it also rules my 11th house and Jupiter), and I tend to end up involved in public resources in one way or another, most notably serving utilities and managing government money.

So, perhaps now is a good time to learn about how you might invest and improve your finances.

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