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Re: Grand trine moon Venus and Neptune in solar return

Originally Posted by CelstialAZ23 View Post
Really?? Cause lately Iíve been a mess!! Just realized I may have a hormonal imbalance. Been dating a man for 9 months and hope I didnít cause to much ha with my emotions!!! His sun is right on that moon in my SR! Only negative is my Venus is 13 cap natal, so itís opposite the moon in my SR
Emotions can be good or bad. I had my SR Venus in my 12 house not my midheaven, a lot of my emotional processing was internal. I was a visual art student so I had an outlet for my emotions. And having Jupiter in my grand trine let me focus my emotions on success. I didn't have a romantic relationship, so I was not dealing with synastry.

Are there any hard aspects to your moon? Hormones sound like a lunar issue. And not one that's necessarily related to the grand trine at all.
Hopefully your year calms down though.
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