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Re: Grand trine moon Venus and Neptune in solar return

Originally Posted by CelstialAZ23 View Post
Hello! My solar return just happened, and I have 13 degree cancer moon, 14 degree Scorpio Venus and 14 degree Neptune in pices! Venus is conjunct the MC exact, and Neptune 2nd, and moon 6th. Any ideas how this will play out?? Thank you!!!! My natal Venus is also 13 capricorn
I had a grand water trine on my last solar return between Venus Neptune and Jupiter. It was one of the best years in my life and I learned a lot from it. I made friends, I was creative, I achieved a lot. So that's how it played out for me.

For you, Venus is on the MC, so love, beauty, and pleasure will be emphasized. You also have the moon in your grand trine which will make it more emotional and personal.
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