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Re: Why oh why ?

Thank you Rahu

My intuition is telling me to run for the hills, but my Neptunian fuzziness is romanticising the situation. I desperately want it to work out, but his personality (big ego, enjoys causing arguments by playing devils advocate) alone would drive me mad. He's not totally obnoxious when you actually get beyond the surface BS, which is like pulling teeth, but that's his default setting.

Its easier now that I am not working around him to move on, but he dropped into work last week for something, I only had to catch sight of him for the nervy energy to come rushing back - its quite ridiculous really.

I am very sensitive to energy and I've done a lot of spiritual work, so I can pick up on the psychic link, he's often in my dreams - no escaping the buggar!

Anyway this is all very useful writing this down and the feedback I am getting, its helping me to put it into context and see it for what it is.
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