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Re: Why oh why ?

hi cloud33

there are a couple of aspects that pertinent your predicament.
looking at your composite with him, pluto is conjunct to psyche and square to the moon conjunct to jupiter, with these two on the vertex axis. pluto brings the obsessions into the matter not to slight the insane romantic fixation that psyche adds, but with Jupiter and moon on the vertex ,there is a otherworldly feeling connection that is crazy feeling.

then the sun is conjunct to venus and opposed to neptune which is very Romantic and loving feeling with Neptune the planet illusion ...or delusion.and with pholous square to this opposition your mind is preoccupied wth these "imaginary "impulses.

the asteroid aura is on the composite ascendant so your feel each other etheric energies, though this is subtle since this is not a physical connection.

an there is an element of danger here also that may be part of the glue.
ixion is conjunct to liith and square to you are so lost in would kill to be with him.
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