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Re: Why oh why ?

Annoyingly egotistical is his Leo Sun and Venus, made worse by the trine to his Chiron in Aries and the opposition to his Mars.

You have Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Pisces which is the fantasizing sign and also the one in which boundaries between your aura and other people's auras can be weak. His Pluto is certainly 'gripping' your Sun and Venus. Imagine an actual line of etheric energy stretching from his body (and with Pluto, the lower parts!) straight into one or more of your chakras. You're caught. Moon-Pluto in men can be quite vampiristic and even more so with Moon in Pisces. They oooze out a sweet sticky web to catch females in. 'Come into my parlour', said the spider to the fly. It's how a narcissist would operate in order to get his 'fix' of love supply which Leo is always hungry for.

There's also an exact conjunction of his Vesta to your Mars, and your Moon to his Uranus. And a trine from his Mars to your Uranus. These can all create an exchange of excitement for both of you. Mars sets adrenalin coursing round your body and creates sexual desire. Best not to hug him if you don't want things moving to a more physical level. Sexual chemistry can be very potent and regretted later.

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