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Why oh why ?

Can anyone shed any light on why I can not get this person out of my head, this is a long time crush and I get very little in terms of interaction from this person, which is why my near obsession is driving me a bit mad.

I know his date of birth, but I've guessed him as a sag rising.

Is it the pluto contacts my mine to his moon and his to my sun ?

I'm ok when I'm not around him, but my heart starts racing (like a school girl) when I see him - he must think I have an anxiety disorder and I gave him a hug last week (the first and only time) and the intensity of the feeling was unbelievable. I have never been this bonkers over someone. I'm just curious really and keen to understand more than anything, because despite the attraction he can also be an annoying egotistical beep beep...which I don't find very attractive at all.

Thanks in advance for anyone that responds x
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