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Re: Grand trine moon Venus and Neptune in solar return

Originally Posted by CelstialAZ23 View Post
Hello! My solar return just happened, and I have 13 degree cancer moon, 14 degree Scorpio Venus and 14 degree Neptune in pices! Venus is conjunct the MC exact, and Neptune 2nd, and moon 6th. Any ideas how this will play out?? Thank you!!!! My natal Venus is also 13 capricorn
So you essentially have this Water Grand Trine forming a KITE configuration with your natal Venus, in the 12th.

This could be a very good year for you...

Especially if you plan to bring some creative pursuits to fruition. Do you have some career plans, artistic pursuits or relationship objectives in mind?

It is a good year to roll those kinds of things out and get serious about making things happen. You have inspiration, luck and networking support , all on your side.

Now I will say , as a more tempered point of view, that you should be careful of over spending and 'over promising' right now. Dream Big but stay realistic.

And overeating and over spending, or exaggerating one's ability to produce the necessary products might be an issue if one is not careful. Get a partner onboard to keep an eye out.
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