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Smile Re: Can someone comment about my chart?

Economics and personal resources are governed by the influence of Pisces and ruled by Neptune, so the afflictions of Neptune need to be attended to. Neptune can create innocence or deception, so you need to be extremely realistic as far as
economic gains and avoid taking gambles in such matters.

Balancing the water element in yourself relates to the influences of Jupiter and Pluto primarily.

Jupiter is involved in the t-square so learning about the dynamics of that is an important key to note.
In square to Sun: given to overdoing things and overindulgence. Exaggeration of the personal Aries influence can lead to aggressiveness and competitiveness. A tendency to live beyond your means since self-control can be a real problem. Being overly judgmental of others; any of these things may be most noted in employment matters or connected to health matters.

Opposition to Uranus: exaggerated independence and reactive to having freedom being threatened. Non-conforming and questioning of authority. Being set in your own ways. Being overly radical and unpredictable, or being seen as eccentric by others.

Uranus sq Sun: allowing uniqueness to set you apart from others. Given to nervous energy and defensiveness.

Pluto afflicts Mars and Venus in your chart, often bringing crisis in relationship matters. A need to avoid attempts to manipulate or control others. Avoid using your power to contain others through bullying or domination. May be prone to obsessiveness or jealousy. The lesson is about using your power in positive ways without harming others.
Completing the polarity of this configuration requires utilizing more of the Libra energy to offset the Aries independence by learning to harmonize and balance through gaining understanding of the inner self.

The polarity of the Nodes is also an important goal for balancing, which represents the oppositional tendencies of the North Node in Aquarius and the South Node in Leo.
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