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Much depends on how you deal with your personal challenges as indicated in the chart. The aspects in the chart represent themes and patterns that are in need of reconciliation. Such themes can become very repetitive and when we don't learn from them, we are bound to continue to experience them over and again.

Your primary personality is a combination of Sun in Aries [the true self] fire + Moon in Gemini [inner self; the psyche] air
+ Capricorn AC [projection of persona] earth; how you present yourself to the world can be quite different from your true Identity. What is needed is more input from the water energies to balance things out.

The Moon represents the emotional blueprint which 'carries the conditioning of the past into the future that we are creating'. As such, much of the future will be formed according to how you present yourself and how others respond to you. The trick though is that the promptings of the psyche are typically subconscious in nature, and until we learn to understand what motivates us, we fail to see the connection between our inner and outer realities. Self-awareness then becomes a necessity to avoid the many pitfalls that may await us.

First you have polarity between Uranus and Jupiter, with additional tension from Jupiter square Sun, as well as both
Uranus and Neptune in square to Mercury. Added to that you have Mars and Venus square Pluto. Combined,all this will require a lot of inner balancing in order to gain ground in life.

Your relationship chemistry is in harmony, although tensions are apt to arise due to the influence of Pluto. That can bring critical challenges relating to issues of power and control, which need to be worked through [transformed] to avoid troubles and conflicts with others. It will require that you understand the inner conflicts at work, in order to resolve their external impact. The key lesson here is 'as within, so without'.

Marriage: 7th h ruled by the Moon with Cancer undertones; much emotional investment in relationships. Moon in the 5th [love, romance, creativity] in Gemini [ friendly, witty and can be charming; connections made on the mental level; curious and mentally stimulated]. There can be disappointments / losses /limitations in marital affairs, due to the influence of Saturn /Moon. Saturn in Capricorn holds karmic lessons relating to responsibility and discipline; prone to being overwhelmed by domestic responsibilities and obligations. Marriage is apt to be delayed in life, due to the Moon/Saturn interplay.

For more input regarding your future life path and what that entails, it is wise to study the influence of the polarity between the North and South Nodes. You have the North in Aquarius [what needs to be developed] and the South in Leo [what needs to be moved away from].
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