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Re: Does he see me as something more than a friend

So sorry guys completely didn't realise I hadn't added a chart!
Asking cuz he's sending mixed signals like hell invite me to things outside of work but seems like a bit of a half-assed effort and at times hell be very flirty at work but then we do sometimes bicker about work stuff

Here it is - in short, the answer seems NO(he doesn't see me as more than a workmate) because Saturn is in my 1st, there is no reception and no aspects. How sad Is this reading right?

Just want to know if me Jupiter being in his 5th and his 5th house ruler being in my 1st has any meaning at all? And if there is anything in the chart that suggests I shouldn't give up just yet - or is it all doom and gloom and sadness

Thank you love you bye
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