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Re: My Finance & Career Issues From A Traditional Perspective

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Re: A natives wealth
Ptolemy looks solely at the Lot of Fortune. He wants to know what Planet(s) have "dominion" there. In other words, which Planets have the greatest amount of Dignity in that degree point, because those Planets are going to play a role in wealth throughout the Native's life.

The Planet that has the most Dignity there is the Almuten. Ptolemy uses the Sign, Exaltation, Triplicity Ruler, Term Ruler and any Planet that is in aspect with the Lot of Fortune.

Your Lot is at 6 Aquarius:

Sign: Saturn
Exaltation: None
Triplicity: Mercury (the Night Ruler of Air)
Term: Mercury
Aspect: Saturn (joined by body -- ie conjunct)

Here, as it sometimes happens, there are two Planets with equal Dignity in the Lot. Because Saturn is the Lot Ruler and is corporally conjunct and is closer to the Lot than Mercury, Saturn would be the Almuten of Wealth according to Ptolemy.

Ptolemy would then look at the total number of Planets that have Dignity in the Lot of Fortune to determine the permanency of the Native's Wealth. More Planets means more stability.

He also looks at the condition of the Planets to determine stability. Here Saturn is Cadent, but in the 3rd House, which is rather harmless, in his own Sign, he's Diurnal, but Occidental, and in a trine with Moon and receives Moon by Exaltation. Saturn and Moon are Friends, so there's some affinity there.

Mercury is in Detriment in Sagittarius, in square with Jupiter but there's Mutual Reception, and in sextile with Moon and Mercury receives Moon since Mercury is the Night Air Triplicity Ruler. Mercury is also in a Degree of Increasing Fortune. Your Sun is in a Pitted Degree, but I would kind of ignore that since your Moon is the Sect Ruler.

Mercury is applying to Mars, and Mars is Diurnal and very Malefic, especially since Mercury and Mars are Enemies and neither receives the other.

What Ptolemy would do now is direct Saturn and Mercury by direct and converse direction and where they made sextiles, squares or trines to the Lot of Fortune that would indicate things that would happen regarding your wealth. Just looking at the Houses and current placements, I'd guess that when Saturn sextiles the Lot of Fortune, you'll probably gain, perhaps from the sale of property or your home at some point in the future.

That's how Ptolemy did it. He had a peculiar disdain for the Lots except for the Lot of Fortune.

The way everyone else did is to look at the Planet(s) with the greatest dignities in the 2nd House Cusp, Jupiter and the Lot of Wealth (which often appears in texts as Substance or Possessions -- not to be confused with another Lot related to Possessions).

In your case, because Jupiter rules the 2nd House Cusp, you're only looking at two points: Jupiter and the Lot of Wealth

This raises an interesting question, and that is do you count Jupiter twice? I don't know.

2. Calculate the Almuten of Wealth

.......................A...............B.......... ....C.............D
Sign..............Mercury......Mercury.....Mercury ......Saturn
Exaltation.......Mercury......Mercury.....Mercury. ....Venus
Triplicity...........Moon.........Moon........Moon ........Mercury
Term..............Jupiter........Jupiter......Jupi ter.......Mercury
Here, Mercury has the most Dignity in points C & D.

I don't know what facing|aspect means. Could someone clarify this for me?
It's a Greek word and somehow the Persians confused it with the Chaldean Decans which some people call "Face" because I think the Greek word was facis.

Facing is a Planet's correct position in relation to the Sun/Moon.

When Jupiter is Occidental of the Sun, his proper relationship should always be that of a trine. Jupiter doesn't actually have to be in trine with the Sun, he just has to be in a Sign that is trine with the Sun's Sign

When Jupiter is Oriental, should he be in trine with the Moon by Sign.

You can probably see this better by taking a Natural wheel and just writing in the Planets in their Signs. When you're done doing that, you can see the proper facing for all the Planets.

When Venus is in her proper facing when she is Occidental of the Sun and sextile or Oriental of the Moon and sextile. Venus is a Nocturnal Planet and should rise ahead of the Moon, but she should rise after the Sun.

That's what Facing is and its a form of Dignity.

In your chart, Mercury is not in his proper facing. If he would be then he would either be in Virgo or Aquarius. For Venus to be in her proper facing, she would need to be in Leo or Pisces and so on for the rest of them.

Mercury has 8 dignities so this would be the Almuten of Wealth.

Did I do this correctly?
That's close enough for government work, but yes, Mercury would be the Almuten.

And like Ptolemy, we would direct Mercury to see what happens.

Anyway Mercury is the Almuten of Wealth and your Lot of Wealth is in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and trine Moon, so you do have the ability to earn money. Mercury is in a sextile by Sign to the Lot so you will have some control over your financial affairs. You need to be careful because Mercury squares your Lot of Debt at 18 Virgo. If you loan large sums of money to people, don't expect to get it back, and if you borrow money, make sure it doesn't get out of hand, because your prone to take a beating on interest, especially since your Lot of Wealth is in an Azieme Degree.

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