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Re: Transit Pluto conjunct IC, Transit Uranus opposed AC

Thank you astro_novice so much for answering, and for your kind words.

Yes the Neptune conjunct Moon I am definitely starting to feel. Just today, I saw the specialist dr at the hospital where my mum is. I know she had a severe stroke, but I didn't know what happens to the brain after. His exact words were "dissolving away", which is what happens to the brain tissue that has died as a result of the clot. What is left then is water where that tissue was. It was shocking to hear, heartbreaking though also fascinating. As well as that, I've been living in a B&B near the hospital but will have to go back down south (5 hours drive away) where I live to earn some more money to come back up and visit her. I feel totally lost, no longer feel at home where my usual accommodation is.

What's also interesting is the two people I have had most contact with this past month, apart from my mum, is my mum's partner and a lady also visiting a loved one at the hospital and staying in the same B&B where I am. They both have Venus at 5 Pisces, conjunct my natal Moon 6 Pisces. We are all going through a similar Neptune story.

I've always worried about the Pluto 2nd house transit, regards to money, I've always just got by. But I guess with Pluto, its really a matter of letting go. I am starting to really get a strong faith in the unknown now, or trust in God/Universe. This has taught me there is definitely fate working, there is a plan that can have nothing at all to do with the plans we make. Though I also believe in free will how we react to events.

Yep this sure feels like a life challenge. Its taking me through step by step. One of the things that sees me through is this faith that I am developing, learning to trust in what is happening and caring.

I am not looking forward to Saturn in the 12th house, making that square to Moon and conjunct Neptune. Looks depressing. Though when transiting Pluto was there, I think with transit Chiron, they also conjuncted the north node as well as the square Moon, I met a man who stayed in my life for over a decade and taught me so many spiritual things about myself.

Once again, many many thanks

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Neptune Rising,

I glanced quickly on your transits for a few minutes. I am not a professional astrologer (pretty obvious from my username), and I only have very limited time to check & go thru them.

Anyway, here is what I observed, (may not be in the right time order, but just near term transits):
1. Neptune conjunct Moon: very emotionally sensitive period, and I'm extremely sorry to say that you need all the prayers for your mom. Neptune (Dissolve) conjunct Moon (Mom/Family). I just went through a Neptune conjunct transit, and I personally witness its incredibly dissolving power. Following that, you have Saturn conjunct AC, conjunct Neptune, and squaring Moon coming up. I send all of my best wishes to you.

2. The Grand Cross "landing" on your 2th/8th, 4th/10th axis. That clearly explains your current situation with man with your mom, and this is a slowly moving Grand Cross, and it will last for awhile. You have Jupiter going into 8th, and that will help you win the fight. However, you have Mars square Saturn. Saturn represents structure. You MUST tread carefully. When dealing with inheritance, a notarized will with multiple copies is the BEST. I will always respect that. Mars square Saturn (from Robert Hand's book): "if you are careless, it has very little hope of success". Since you have Mars through 10th, symbolically it means fire burning (or action) through your career. Uranus thru 4th is sudden upset in 4th house matter. What I would be most concerned about is Pluto through 2nd house. Pluto is revolution. The changes that it brings are EXTREME. If you are poor before entering, it could bring you lots of good luck. If you are wealthy before entering, it could bring lots of disaster. Regardless, it's always multiples of HUGE up and HUGE down, at least to your personal scale, if not in real terms. Nobody knows whether the last wave is up or down (but you could guess from other transits). Pluto also means inheritance, and in this case, is favoring to you.

Back on the Grand Cross, except Jupiter, Mars/Uranus/Pluto are all making adverse angles to your Saturn (which represent structure in life). I don't need to say more, and based on your posts, that's what's happening. Furthermore, you also have Uranus conjunct Chiron. You won't find much on the internet on them, but Uranus conjunct/opposing Chiron are very TENSE (speaking from my personal experience). I have other people's explanation for Chiron transits. If you need it, PM me.

NR, your life challenge is here now. I send my best wishes to you, and hope that Jupiter luck carry you through. Jupiter is fast, and you only have about 1.5 years of its luck in 8th house. Take advantage of that, because Pluto is not going away soon, and you have adverse Saturn transits coming up as well.

If you guys don't have a copy of "Planets in Transit" by Robert Hand, rush out and buy one. I will also rely on google search to find out explanations by many others. More explanations always help, because planets are symbolic, and in no possible way can anyone fit the life story of 7 billion people on Earth into a single book.

Take care.
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