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Help with nice little pluto and saturn transits

I need tips on what to expect. So far, I have had nice little pluto transits conjuncting my natal: mars, Saturn, Uranus, mercury, Neptune, venus and now it has been going back and forth over my natal sun. So I'm kinda used to the bunjy jumping up to heaven and down to hell then back to heaven and then hell, cycle repeats non-stop. It caused me to dig so deep to find the true meaning off life. Now, I'm about to have nice little Saturn transit conjuncting my natal: pluto, mars, Saturn, Uranus, mercury, Neptune, venus and sun in a 6 year time frame. Saturn is 1 degree from my pluto at present. What should I expect? I'm a cap, so would this be helpful or hindering to me? Anyone with advice feel free to spill. Thanks.
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