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Sun-Moon Midpoint and the Descendant

I have a Sun in Leo and Moon in Pisces (no aspect between them) and I was fascinated to find out that my midpoint is in 27 degrees Taurus!
Both my Sun and Moon signs seem a bit disconnected from reality, living in a dream world of theatrics. Both are imaginative, playful, emotional and generous. However if you consider my Sun-Moon midpoint, these two signs come together in a way that is completely different from that! Of course, Taurus is very intrigued by the senses, but it is also very stable, grounded and realistic.
I've read this before in certain personality descriptions of Leo-Pisces, that despite our emotional nature, we are actually generally 'shrewd and pragmatic’.

As an astrological newbie, I'd be interesting in hearing what you think the Sun-Moon midpoint represents!

Also, my Sun-Moon midpoint conjuncts my descendant (which is at 25 degrees Taurus). I'm curious what this means.... The descendant is how we view others, as well as what we seek in others but actually unknowingly possess. If my sun-moon conjuncts my descendant, then does that mean that my chart is in some way self-satisfied? The qualities that I unconsciously seek in others, I find easily in myself? I'm a person who really doesn't mind spending time alone...
Any insight would be appreciated!

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