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Re: Late marriage? Please help me interpret natal chart.

Hi lex,
I am using Vedic Astrology.
First of all let us see promise of Marriage in your Birth Chart (Based on Sign- so we call it Sign/Rasi chart too).
1. Your Marriage house Lord is Sun, and neither your marriage house nor marriage Lord has any benefic aspect from planets. Similarly, no malefic impact on them. (Not so favorable)
2. Your Asc. Lord Saturn is in NN/SN axis, but has exchange of aspect with Jupiter, but no aspect on Asc. At the same time Malefic aspect of Mars is also on Saturn. (Favorable 1, and Negative 2)
3. Your Moon is in 6th house in its own sign, but exchange of aspect with your Venus placed in your 12th house. Exchange of two soft planets, and Venus is in good position. Good for your creative thoughts, but depression too.

According to this chart, I got the reason of delay in your marriage, and poor chances for marriage.

Now Let us see you D-9 chart
1. Asc. lord is placed with Saturn/Mercury, and aspect of Mars and moon. (Not so good) but good for marriage purpose.
2. Importantly, Your marriage house has a aspect of Jupiter. (Good Sign) but delay due to Aspect from Saturn.

Conclusion is Delay in marriage but is possible. Now when:
You are passing through a period of Venus and started from 14-3-2010 (Good period for you).
This planet can give you unconditionally marriage. Last week of May 2012 onwards. But may be with some hiccups.
Good period for marriage has started.
May god bless you.
.....Anoop.astrologer (Jyotisha Acharya)
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