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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
You as mercury are conjunct the 7th cusp, showing your feelings for him, however you are out of your place, in detriment and fall, and retrograde so re-working the past.
At the same time, you are one degree from conjunction with sun, a critical position that weakens you, but increases your internal insight, makes you poised for inner growth and awareness. Sun.also rules your 12th of the subconscious, so you are ready to enter this important journey. Even part of fortune is situated in the 12th, showing you the introspective path to follow. Pay careful attention to the ideas coming to your mind, they are very important for you. The conjunction is still approaching so it is very strong.
His significators are Jupiter and Neptune, one in his own house and the other ruling the 4th end of the matter and positioned in the 5th. There is no connection between mercury and his significators. Neptune is in mercury's terms, but this is such a tenuous connection that in this case it only indicates that he had cared for you, but it won't bring you together.
The moon in the chart is void of course, so there is no action about to happen, again no coming together.
Note the almost exact conjunction of Lilith and Chiron on the 8th cusp. This is his 2nd, showing his self confidence suffering, which is reconfirmed by ruler of his 2nd, mars, conjunct the south node.
Your 8th house, where Lilith and Chiron are sitting, is also your sexual desire, so you may be missing him on this level more than anything else, and hurting for it.
The current powerful pluto/saturn conjunction takes place in the 5th, the house of love affairs but also children. Moon's last aspect was a sextile with Saturn, perhaps he was afraid of the possibility of having children with you?
Once you have passed the intense introspection imposed by the sun you will be in aspect with the nodes, and mercury will turn direct putting you on a new path, which should be a more enlightened. one.
Your analysis was amazing! I canít thank you enough for replying to me! Thank you so much 😊
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