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Originally Posted by lunaluna View Post
I hope that someone else will answer because I am a beginner, but, in the meanwhile, I'll give it a try.

Can't give you a clear yes or no answer - what I see is: him (Jupiter) is in your 5th house (love,relationships). He's in his fall though, so definitely not feeling the best at the moment. There are no aspects between you and him, but there is a sextile between Sun (his) co-sig and you, Mars. I'd say there are feelings on his part and that there will be some kind of contact between the two of you, something desired might happen, I'm just not really sure if you'll get back together.

hope this was helpful
Actually I thought the same thing as you, but due to burnt mercury and bad Jupiter I judged it as a no. But you may be right, Iíll definitely post on this thread if he contacts me. Thanks a lot!!!! 🌸
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