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Originally Posted by david starling View Post
Drama Queen Trump inspired it. Are you certain that he'll relinquish power peacefully?
After he serves his second term, sure. But even if he were to, hypothetically, lose the second election, I'm sure he'd relinquish it peacefully. Dems are just projecting because they don't know how to behave peacefully themselves. They still can't get over the fact that he won and orchestrated a BS "strategic" impeachment against Trump, which has backfired big time but they still can't let it go.

But hey, Trump will forever be impeached and that's all that matters right? Matters more than fixing problems in the US of A. That's the only thread they dearly hold onto for life cause they have nothing else and they know it, otherwise they wouldn't overemphasise such an unimportant point.

Lalalala can't hear you, Trump's forever impeached lalalalaaa!

And they call Trump petty and an overgrown child.

As the saying goes: Why focus on a speck in your brother's eye when you have a log in your own?
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