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Smile Re: Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
The USA is not a democracy, it is a democratic republic. The purpose of the electoral college has nothing to do with slaves, but with the unequal representation of states with low population rates as opposed to those that are highly populated.
The President is the President of ALL the people, as in "We the People of the UNITED States, and all elected, REPRESENTATIVE offices are by majority rule. That's what makes it a democratic republic, as opposed to a monarchy, a dictatorship, or a pure democracy.

Each State has its own elected officials, including its own Governor and ONLY two U.S. Senators REGARDLESS of population, which is how the less populated States get equal representation at the Federal level.

The ONLY elected representatives of ALL of the people in ALL of the States united into a single Nation, are the President and Vice-president. Therefore, they should be elected by the Popular vote of the entire Nation.

The Electoral College was ORIGINALLY intended to preserve Slavery in the "Slave-States", as opposed to the "Free-States". Slave-States would not have joined the Union under the Constitution without getting an unfair advantage, a type of "affirmative action", to ensure that the majority of the entire population of this nation would be denied the right to elect an anti-Slavery President, like Abraham Lincoln.

When this strategy failed, they seceded, and went back to the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, which had been superseded by the Constitution, and had provided more sovereignty for the States than the Constitution.

Because of this unfair, Electoral College, method of electing EVERYONE'S President, REGARDLESS of what State one resides in, as many as 49.9 % of a State's population can be denied the right to cast a meaningful vote for the elected representative of the entire Nation. For example, in California, about a third of the votes were for Trump in 2016, but not ONE of those votes mattered--ALL of California's Electoral votes went to HRC. In Texas, it was the reverse.

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