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Re: How did I do on this chart?

Another detail I wondered about... let's take Moon in Libra at 15 degrees (the sign of Gemini) in the 2nd house. It's trining Sun in Aquarius in the 6H, which is 5H from 2H. And me, Mercury, is also ruling the 10H ... again, 5H from the 6H.

A) with the first observation Moon in Libra in the 2nd house, it's like I'm wondering if I'm pretty enough. Moon = feminine body, Libra = Venus = beauty, in the degree of Gemini (Mercury doesn't take away necessarily but does symbolize miniature or small. Moon at 15 degrees in the 2nd house ... to make the body smaller. ALSO Mercury being a mental sign, it's driving me crazy. Or like Sworm pointed out - double bodied. Maybe he likes another girl at work that I don't know about or who's married. There's one who's thin and married. Libra = marriage.)

B) The other stuff about 2H and 10H both being 5H away from the 6H where his depreciating Sun in Aquarius is... I can't quite formulate how it connects and maybe it doesn't, but I want to say maybe working around multiple girls makes him feel more confident (Sun trine Moon in Libra.) OR would Sun in Aquarius in the degree of Aquarius point to it drives him crazy or makes him feel out of place?

C) What about Jupiter trine the ASC? Even though me being in his dignity points to him liking me some, does Jupiter trining the ASC not point to him liking me more than that?

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