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Re: How did I do on this chart?

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
I am going to say it is unlikely he will tell you how he feels. He/Jup does like you, since you/Merc are in the sign of his dignity. You are way more into him, with Merc sitting squrely on the desc, the powerful cusp of his house.
But at pointed out already, you are both weak by essential dignity, he by fall. The ruler of his 3rd house of communication is also in its detriment. And your primary significators do not perfect a sextile before you/Merc change direction.

Moon does meet him/Jup, but unhappily by reception and by square.

I'm just not seeing a lot of energy supporting his coming forward to tell you how he feels. [Another reason this chart may be so uncooperative is that I am pretty sure the answer to this question here is likely answered by the question and chart you posed just a few days ago about him. You may be asking too many questions about him in too short at time period...?]
I feel I'm way more into him too Also, this is about a coworker I have a crush on and not the one you answered a few days ago about the friend. Regardless - asking questions about him and perseverating? Yes, indeed. I've been away at training for our job the past two weeks and am so glad to get a mental break not being around him. No, I don't think he will either. I don't feel it from him. He feels guarded to me but in an airy way being that he's a Libra and all. Thank you for your efforts
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