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Re: How did I do on this chart?

Originally Posted by LovelyMissAries View Post
Question: Will he tell me how he feels?

L1 / L7

L1 Mercury is in detriment and retrograde in Pisces.

L7 Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn.

Mercury and Jupiter apply in a sextile.

Moon is in Libra 2H (turned 8H), albeit via combusta, but trining Sun in fall in the 6H or turned 12.

Jupiter is trining the ASC.

Something else I thought pertinent but may not be is our L3 rulers squaring, and his, Venus, again being in FALL in Aries. So his manliness, communication, and overall self doesn't seem to be doing too hot. Our L3 rulers squaring and such in addition to his L3 ruler being in its turned 12H make me wonder if I said something he found frustrating but kept to himself.

Moon receiving his L3 ruler - I want this conversation to happen and may initiate it (I can't see myself doing that but for the sake of the chart -)

If a conversation were to happen I think it may be airing out some unknown grievances and perhaps concluding we should just be friends? Jupiter in Capricorn is stressed or finds this "romance" (L5) difficult, doesn't like it. Neither does Mercury, although Mercury is trying harder to understand, but it's draining.

Also, seems fitting that Jupiter is in the sign of "work" and I am in the sign which traditionally rules the house of "coworkers." It's the same guy I've made the other two charts about.
So I'd agree with you and was actually about to type up a response saying basically the same thing as you did, but I stopped and noticed something.

Mercury goes retrograde before he sextiles Jupiter. This is revoking.

So this suggests that you are indeed the one who WOULD initiate the exchange, but for whatever reason it seems you'll go back on it before you actually carry it through. This might be for the better as neither Mercury nor Jupiter is in the condition for a happy, beneficial exchange.

The Moon does apply to Jupiter, but the Moon is in Libra and can't see the Ascendant. I'm more inclined to take Mercury as your significator because of that. Mercury in Pisces could be very descriptive of your mindset right now, being a Double-Bodied sign of course. Going back and forth over whether you should do it or not. Mercury's application and placement in Jupiter's house suggests that you're heading very strongly in the direction of reaching out to him, but Mercury's retrograde suggests that you'll stop at the last moment and go back on your decision to do so.

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