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Re: Moving abroad

Originally Posted by Aria Venue View Post
hello Cassiopeia
i noticed a previous thread of yours about three months ago asking the same , without giving though any information about the context

To begin with:

1.when someone makes such a question has to give us few details about the background story, in this case..why do you want to move abroad? for personal issues, better career opportunities?...and so forth..are you already in a process of relocating? (visa...etc) clarify the initial question., you have to tell us how exactly you asked, cause in the following examples the approach differentiates

"will i (manage) to relocate (move abroad) this year?"(usually, the querent faces some difficulties so he asks if he'll manage to overcome them as to relocate...we need a non prohibiting aspect)

"should i relocate abroad( to this place) ...this year? (whether this relocation will be beneficial for him) :in this case we don't need an aspect but to check whether this relocation will turn to his favor, for example, you seek a better job abroad, so we have to check also whether this will be better for your career

"when should i relocate abroad"? (electional)

"when i will relocate abroad?"(time as when, usually the querent is already in the process of relocating and he wants to learn approximately the time)
Hello Aria Venue,

thank you for taking the time to read my question and give such detailed steps regarding horary

My background: I want to relocate for personal reasons, not better career opportunities. The fact is that it’s been years since I plan to leave here and go abroad... I delayed for some years for health issues I had to take care of and currently I’ve got a job I totally hate... it drags me down. I want to leave here, to start somewhere new...

The questions I had in mind: will I (manage) to relocate (move abroad) this year?

Thank you once again
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