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Re: How can we know if a 'big' year is coming from the Solar Return chart?

You mentioned in a previous post that zodiacal releasing is similar to the Vimshottari Dasha system in Jyotish, but if Dashas have a western half-brother it would be Firdaria. Here's a link for you -

Is it because Saturn is the ruler of the 7th?

Since I have a diurnal chart Jupiter is my best friend but he's debilitated
Yeah, Saturn's rulership of the 7th makes him just as emphasized as Jupiter in the period. Mars' close connection to Saturn in your chart indicates that whenever Saturn is triggered by the times, he is never too far away.

The malefics have a lot of say in the significations of your 7th and 5th houses - Saturn's rulership of the 7th, Mars rulership of the 5th, Mars and Saturn's bodily placement in the 5th sign in a dexter sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn, who's naturally beneficial nature is heavily influenced by both the rulership of Saturn and the aspect from the Mars-Saturn conjunction. Jupiter in fall adds to the picture, limiting the natural expansiveness of the planet.

The mixture of good and bad placements does describe the fact that you were able to be married (Jupiter in the 7th), yet one that you've described as limited and unsatisfactory (malefics afflicting). Marriage with a foreigner is soundly shown in your chart, with Jupiter ruling the 9th sign/house.

Two things, have you noticed anything in the relationships department starting from the end of October of this year? And could you provide the dates when you met your wife and the period when you got married? That may provide a clue as to what planets are important with regard to relationships, as a way to confirm that the covered planets and signs are actually relevant for you in that sphere of life.
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