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Re: Pisces

I have had a VERY different experience with Pisces...

My mother is a Pisces, and my father has a Pisces moon, and I have never seen such emotionally immature and selfish people in my life. My mom had six of us kids, and has never been interested in nor able to meet our emotional needs AT ALL -- if we even try to point out that WE have feelings, not just HER, she dissolves into puddles of self-pitying tears and makes us sorry to even bring it up. As the oldest, I have had to provide the emotional support for my siblings through most of their lives, and NEVER got any for myself. I even went through a counseling program about "Re-Parenting" myself, so I could give myself what was so lacking in my parents.

She of course has other placements, and the aspects I'm sure have a huge part in how the Pisces energy manifests for her, but I have noticed the trend in other people with Pisces in a strong placement in their charts (Sun, Moon, AS) makes me wonder how OTHERS perceive those Pisces who have posted in this any of you notice how you feel towards the emotions of OTHERS?
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