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I'm a pisces and I don't think pisces is a bad sign to have.
Like the person above pointed out, some of the most successful people out there,were born under this sign like George Washington, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rihanna, Drew barrymore (the last two people are entrepreneurs in addition to being an actor/musician), Bernard Arnault, Sarah Blakely to name a few (and a lot of other musicians, actors and other types of artists thanks to pisces' artistry).
I'd say, why always focus on your weaknesses instead of the strengths? A lot of your traits can actually be great when you learn to use it to your advantage. And I don't think vulnerability is a sign of weakness but that of strength. Unfortunately, most of the world thinks differently and kind and altruistic people(many pisces)need to develop more assertiveness and discernment to avoid being taken advantage of.
Pisces is also one of the most creative and adaptable signs with a rich imagination endowed to us by the expansive Jupiter and Neptune. Our imagination is like no other and the possibilities which we can see are endless, which is why a lot of pisces do well in creative professions. Albert Einstein once said 'Imagination is more important than Knowledge' and I think he couldn't have been more right.
The mutable quality of Pisces can also be an advantage as it helps us adapt to any situation easily and take on multiple personas, making us almost chameleon like.(science tells us that adaptability is key to survival)
We are also gentle, empathetic, selfless, non-judgmental, and have a great capacity for unconditional love, which makes us good partners, friends and great at interpersonal relationships.
So yes, I have pointed out a few of the good qualities. You should use the good traits to your advantage and work on the weaker areas and improve them.
For me, personally, one downside of being a pisces is that it makes me indecisive and that's something I've been working on changing. So yeah!
I read somewhere that astrology shows us our potential, not what we are or what we become, only we can decide that.

I hope I contributed something.
-from a pisces with a virgo rising which makes me feel bipolar sometimes lol.
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