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I agree. Pisces is definitely not dumb, in fact I like this sign very much. A lot of famous people who achieved amazing things fall under this sign. The vast majority of Pisceans I've met in my life are rather gentle, giving and selfless, including my own mum, and intuitive to boot. They are actually the corporeal version of what most closely resembles unconditional love and being selfless without asking for much in return, which is quite refreshing. A lot of people do good deeds with strings attached. However, this also makes me worry about them a bit and feel bad for them, because some people can really take advantage of that.

I have a specific story of such a case. There was this Pisces girl who was friends with a Sagittarian who needed to have her furniture moved into her new home, but for some reason her partner wasn't allowing it, so the Pisces kindly allowed her to park the furniture in her own garage for "as long as you'd like". She probably shouldn't have said that, because the Sagittarian took that literally and ended up keeping her furniture in the garage for a whole year rent free, which started irritating the Piscean, but she was just too gentle to be able to tell her off. Even the times when she'd call her and ask when she was going to collect her furniture, the Sag would cry on the phone and say she wasn't allowed to cause her boyfriend didn't want it in their apartment, so poor Pisces had to grin and bear it.

Luckily she had a Capricorn friend who was living with her who started to dislike the Sag for her own reasons. After a year of this, Cap sent the Saggittarius girl a severe message telling her to get her stuff out of the garage, and if she didn't do that by the end of the week, they'd place it out on the nature strip for anyone to take freely. Suddenly the Sag found she COULD collect it and organised a furniture removal specialist to get her stuff collected. I do like Sagittarius, but I found that there's a specific type that manifests Jupiter's expansive energy in the sense that they keep pushing further and further with people and they really don't recognise when enough is enough.

Sometimes other people around Pisceans end up having to act as fortifiers on Pisces' behalf. However, Pisces does have subtle and clever ways of trying to preserve their own energy. I knew one who is a tarot reader, and if there were certain customers who were overbearing and pushy, she'd put a timer limit on the reading session so that she wouldn't get too overwhelmed by them, but she didn't do that with every customer.

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