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I must say that I have come to respect the sign Pisces. I used to think that it was a dumb sign. After all, every single Pisces i knew in the past was failing at school, terrible at sports, in la la land, and play dumb a lot.


Through my own 12th house experiences and lessons, ive come to understand just how smart this sign is. Here i was thinking that this pisces doesnt know how to stand up for themselves or they are aloof. But i have finally learnt that those techniques to seem deluded in the face of confrontation or conflict is the best defense mechanism there is. You cant control other ppl. You cant change them. Pisces simply deludes as a disguise and distraction and then succeeds once the enemy is gone. Then, whenever they can, they try their best to create an emotionally fulfilling and supportive environment to overcome the negativity. There are so many situations where an honest libra gets into strife because of those ppl who simply dont want to hear the truth and think they are the only one right. the same with analytical virgo. Mercury is ruled by virgo yet being logical isnt always what ppl want to hear, especially when dealing with a narcopath. Pisces always know how to peacefully get out of harms way.
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