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Solar Eclipse on President Trump's chart - astrology thread only

On December 14, there was a NM Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius that President Trumpís and .

Since that time, he went off the public radar. Working with his allies to prove that there was election fraud.
Today, there is another NM Solar Eclipse which will his already powerful in the public 10th house.

The eclipses work in pairs, completing and working together.

This is the launch of his career which will take off with great Victory.

Nothing more significant than an eclipse on a personal planet but when it's on the it reveals that the Moon Nodal Fate is at play.

Nothing can stop Trump from achieving his 'God-given' Destiny to lead the country in a 2nd Term. He had to go through the 'ring of fire' from these past few months because the Destiny involves a lot more than the U.S.A.
The outcome affects the entire world; Humanity.

Due to the fact that the eclipse takes place during both Mercury/Saturn RX.....what was hidden will be revealed....what God has appointed, no man or nothing can take away.,_Donald
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