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Re: Will there be someting? Please help

Ok here is what I know and what I can read?

I see that I'm represented by Venus in term of Gemini, and that she is represented with Mars ruler of 7th that is in rulership of Scorpio.
There is no aspect between rulers of 1st and 7th house and Moon also doesn't make aspect with ruler of 7th. I really don't know how to see if there is any other transmission of light betwen rulers, I red about that, but don't know how to see it.
I, the qurenet, in 9th house of higher education that can be explained that we met at college... But why is she in my 2nd house which is house of money? How to explain this?
Also, if I'm correct Mercury is in oposition with Mars, so that is telling that there was or that will be some hard communication? Tell me if I'm wrong here.
Only I can tell that she is in good dignitie representd by Mars? But how she can be here represent by Mars? Is that telling that she is an enemy to me??

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