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Re: Should I go for a divorce...?

Dear Madame,

Few Points to be carefully observed, why these things are happening around you.

Both are going through Rahu Dasha and rahu will show its effects. Skin problems, few electronics items in ur house may not be functioning properly....sudden anger.....some of the symptoms.

Your husband had some difficult time starting onwards oct 2017.....things will be bit ok from feb 2020. So marital disputes are obviously seen.

Regarding your both chart please visit kukke subrahmanya temple.....pooja for 2 days...kindly do that. Things will be better then onwards.
Both of you must visit this temple every year and get pooja done.

Desire for material things.....try to get detached....... more the desire ...more the trouble. Rahu puts you towards material things.......

2020 - 2022 will be a testing time in ur chart (not ur husband's). You get away with that tide life will be smooth later. Think of ur kid ....let him have a good parents...why deny that from him.

Act wisely,

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