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Re: Should I go for a divorce...?

Originally Posted by srk View Post
I have been married for close to 5 years now with a kid who is 3 years old. But we have never had an understanding in marriage. It lacks all the love and care. I have tried everything from my end to make this marriage work but I think I have failed. It has been very hard to make my choice if I should walk out of this relationship. Also worries my about what the future holds for me.

My details
22-3-1990 4:50 AM, Born in Shimoga, India

My husband
20-01-1986, 4:55 AM
Born in Bangalore, India
Unfortunately, yes.

Your chart is marked by the biggest conjunction I've seen in the 12th house:

Moon-Mars-Ven-Sat-Rahu conjunction in 12th house of Capricorn:

their collective energy awards the person with a lot of wealth. Such a person enjoys the first few years of live in comfort. However, the later part can be full of hurdles. These natives are usually very emotional, thus get caught up in the storm of feelings.

When posited together in a house, these four planets may give the native an immoral spouse too. Moreover, such a person leads a life full of miseries in the later part. They are however courageous and daring enough to fight the challenges of life head on. Some tend to have Reptilian eyes, like that of a snake.

So, due to your conjunctinon in 12th house your husband is probably immoral.

His chart also holds a strong conjunction between Sun-Ven in 2nd house of capricorn, which indicates 100% chance of divorce. Usually a Jupiter brings some optimism into this conjunction via good aspect, but as it stands, Jupiter is 22 degrees farther away and he's very old and weak. So, a divorce is sure, and probably caused by your husband.

Also, divorce is twice as visible in your chart. Your above mentioned conjunction of 5 planets include Saturn Venus and Rahu which together bring highet chances of divorce or a delay of marriage. Since in your case there was no delay, expect a divorce.

You are rebellious to free thinking you find in your husband (Uranus/Neptune conjunction in sagittarius). His moon is conjunct Rahu in 5th house --> his relationship with kid is bad. He's more worried about himself than his son, or wants to use him to elevate his own status. These natives are usually involved in professions related to oils, gas, fuel, petroleum, chemicals and explosives.

You have a Jupiter in 5th house, great for raising kids, but beware of gambling.

You should be fine, even though I do not see another marriage for you, there can be many future relationships. Expect your selfish husband to get re-married tho.
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