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Re: Intelligence

Originally Posted by Frank View Post
OK, then - give me an experimental group of at least 300 charts with verified accurate and documented birth data with times that objectively meet a criteria that might be described as "intelligence". Let me know when you've gathered the data.

No offense intended, but you are still a beginner.

When I first encountered astrology as a young child and read astrology books voraciously I didn't even consider myself a beginner.

I considered myself a beginner when I began calculating charts by hand at age 16 (there were no astrology computer programs or the internet back then) - until I had calculated and delineated around a thousand charts.

Once I had my Saturn Return, I finally didn't consider myself a beginner anymore.

Please don't get ahead of yourself. Learn the craft and don't make pronouncements based on what you THINK something SHOULD mean.

Learn as much as you can from those who have come before you. Become a sponge. Some of the information you absorb will be useful, some will not. Develop your filters to separate the useful from the useless by actual experience, not from preconceived notions.

I wish you all the best in your journey of learning.
I am a beginner. That's why I can't do the first one quite yet. But how am I supposed to go further now? My parents are fine with astrology, but I don't think they'd be fine with me being so serious about it, and it's not something that I really like to talk about regardless.

I think it'd be interesting if we looked at intelligence in different areas such as logic, verbal skills, geometry, memory, etc. rather than just overall intelligence. It might reveal different advantages of different Mercury signs and different aspects. That's all I was saying.

Oh, I have the Sun trine Mars by the way, and that's why I'm not a genius.
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