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Re: Intelligence

Originally Posted by Frank View Post
Mercury is naturally neutral and and only becomes benefic or malefic based on its dignity, placement and aspects. Mercury's nature has nothing whatsoever to do with Uranus's nature.
Uranus's nature has a lot to do with Mercury's. I still sort of think Mercury is malefic but too fast to normally have any lasting damaging effects. Really, its effects are felt most beneficially in the same was as the malefics' effects are, not as the benefics' or even "neutral" Sun's and Moon's.

Originally Posted by Frank View Post
No, it just means some people simplify too much. "Detriment = BAD!!!" - no matter what the condition of the dispositor is, the house placement, sect, aspects, etc.
Some other people when I was a beginner: "All of your planets are weak except the very strong Moon and moderate Mercury and Venus."
Me now: My chart is ruled by "weak" Saturn, not the Moon...
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