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Re: I'm not sure if I could survive this...

Originally Posted by xyclomatic View Post
A bunch of planets recently entered into Virgo all at once... simutaneously, and it's in my 12th house. Soon enough Mercury will also enter Virgo and into my 12th house as well. Right now it's towards the late degrees of Leo, which means there would soon be, what, 4 planets in my 12th house? -sigh-

And worse of all, I have to go back to school tomorrow (first day back, btw) when I'm like... feeling my most introverted and withdrawal from society. Talk about bad timing with the planetary positions. -sigh 2x-

Why can't the planets already be in my 1st house for heaven's sake? Not sure how long I would survive this transit. :/

LOL I didn't get the joke someone pls
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